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All extensions are not included in our template packages, you need to download / buy and install them separately.

Building a great website is what everyone wants to when they start building their own site. It would be more attractive, advantageous and easier to manage with the excellent support of Joomla extensions.

JoomlaShine designs Extended styles for 3rd party extensions with new looks which are shown on the JSN templates. With extended styles, your websites will be more professional, lively and eye-catching; hence you can actually experience how the extension works.

Currently, there are many 3rd party extensions are supported by JoomlaShine templates. They are in different extension types, such as:

  • Content Construction: K2, DJ-Extension
  • Forum: Kunena, EasyDiscuss
  • Shopping Cart: VitueMart, MijoShop, RedComponent, HikaShop, J2Store
  • Blog: EasyBlog
  • Social Networking: JomSocial, EasySocial
  • Hotel / Table Booking: Jomres
  • Event Management: Ohanah
  • and other categories.


JSN Extended Styles


  Check out the extended styles of JSN Epic and enjoy how they fulfill your needs !


Demo K2 Style       Demo Kunena Style       Demo EasyBlog Style




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